1 day until Halloween! Halloween tomorrow!

Halloween tomoz, girls and boys! Are you ready to go trick-or-treating? What sort of Halloween costume do you have in mind? Clovis is going as a vampire and Wolfy, as a wolf in a red riding hood! Yeah, we know, not predictable at all…

We have many special things to look forward to, and we shall tell you all about it in due time. In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece by Jennie Trowbridge!


2 days until Halloween!

We are already in our Halloween best. We thank our friend Bob Slassor for this wonderful pic of Wolfy last year, having Halloween tea at La Rosa Hotel.

6 days until Halloween!

Last night, we had a beautiful full moon. Wolfy is understandably howled out. He is always overexcited when the full moon is up, and this full moon in particular was Halloweeny as ever, reminding us that the big day Is nigh.

Clovis doesn’t lose his cool though, he woke up unable to see himself in the mirror as usual but feeling fresh and rested, looking forward to a great Halloween party.



10 days until Halloween!

it’s 10 days until Halloween and the howling is strong here. Howl! Howls of joy.