This is Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Finally! We got the part started. The cake is baked the drinks are poured and the candles are lit. We have the finest tea and the treats. This is just wonderful.

And Clovis has been on festive mode all day.

1 day until Halloween! Halloween tomorrow!

Halloween tomoz, girls and boys! Are you ready to go trick-or-treating? What sort of Halloween costume do you have in mind? Clovis is going as a vampire and Wolfy, as a wolf in a red riding hood! Yeah, we know, not predictable at all…

We have many special things to look forward to, and we shall tell you all about it in due time. In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece by Jennie Trowbridge!


2 days until Halloween!

We are already in our Halloween best. We thank our friend Bob Slassor for this wonderful pic of Wolfy last year, having Halloween tea at La Rosa Hotel.

3 days until Halloween!

We must admit we were a bit sad today because we could not go to Whitby to see our favourite football team, Real Gothic FC, play at Whitby FC Stadium. However, we do know they like tea with honey and no milk so we are having that in their honour. We are raising a cuppa for the lads and we are wolfing down some chocolate cake, too. Plus, it is 3 days until Halloween!

9 days until Halloween!

Clovis feels like biting his fingernails but he decided to bite a cupcake instead and go for a moody and mysterious photo. We have ordered some baked goods for the big day. Mega excited now!

The Halloween Countdown starts now!

And so it begins…

The lovely smells of autumn, the falling leaves, the cool weather, the ghost stories by the fire, the pumpkins, the toffee apples, the cool books, the hot chocolate and the tea! Always the tea! Warm tea at its most glorious moment! And cakes, biscuits, cheese and crackers. Halloween, trick-or-treating and howls by the full moon.

October is our favourite month of the year, and we are delighted to announce our Halloween Countdown.

By the way, today, October 1st, is Black Dog Day as well. Please note that black dogs are usually the ones who get picked last at rescue centres. They too need some luvin’ so, if you’re thinking of adopting, give black dogs a chance this Halloween… and always.

Anyway, here is to our Halloween Countdown! Let us sip a lovely cuppa to celebrate this moment we have been looking forward to the whole year. So…

It’s 30 days to Halloween!Halloween