Wolfy’s Full Moon Thoughts – April’s Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Hello, Wolfy here!

April was a wonderful month for the always gorgeous Moon we wolves love to howl at. On the nights of the 14th and 15th of April 2014, we had a “Blood Moon”. You might think that Clovis, being a vampire and all that, would be interested in the subject but no. He is not the blood-drinking type. He loves tea and so do I! Nothing beats a lovely cup of tea with a delicious dash of milk and a couple of shiny sugar cubes!

But I digress… Usually, April’s Full Moon is called “Pink Moon”. Because it comes shortly after the start of spring, it is also called “Sprouting Grass Moon”, “Seed Moon”, “Egg Moon” and “Fish Moon”.

We usually call October’s Full Moon “Blood Moon” as it is somewhat red-tinted and deliciously dramatic. However 2014 is special. It has two Blood Moons with a series of four lunar eclipses each. The first one was on April 14 – 15 and the second one will take place on October 7 – 8. Do you want to know what a lunar eclipse is? Why don’t you take a look here?

On the past 29th of April there was a partial solar eclipse and we also had New Moon. If you are curious, we are in the early stages of a Waxing Crescent Moon at the moment, when it starts gradually looking rounder and rounder until it goes Full again and we go out howling and howling! Awooooo!