This is Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Finally! We got the part started. The cake is baked the drinks are poured and the candles are lit. We have the finest tea and the treats. This is just wonderful.

And Clovis has been on festive mode all day.

1 day until Halloween! Halloween tomorrow!

Halloween tomoz, girls and boys! Are you ready to go trick-or-treating? What sort of Halloween costume do you have in mind? Clovis is going as a vampire and Wolfy, as a wolf in a red riding hood! Yeah, we know, not predictable at all…

We have many special things to look forward to, and we shall tell you all about it in due time. In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece by Jennie Trowbridge!


13 days until Halloween!

Something is brewing at Clovis and Wolfy’s headquarters, and it is not only the tea. We had a lovely phone call with wonderful news for us but it shall all be revealed in due time. Now, mischief is afoot. Halloween is drawing near. Oh, the excitement!

17 days until Halloween!

Today is a very special day for us. We are going to try some Halloween treats and get more decorations. Clovis is fascinated by this pumpkin with a witch’s hat. He might adopt it.

22 days until Halloween!

Greetings, Clovis is going overboard with the Halloween decs, he is particularly proud of his Halloween bat tinsel. He won’t shut up about it but apparently, he is not excited.

24 days until Halloween!

Go on, show off those pumpkins. It is time to put up those Halloween decs!