The Fairy Door

A few months ago, Clovis went to Home Bargains and found a fairy door.


It looked cute, and it had its own fairy dust and magic key. He bought it for just a pound, and thought no more of it, until he found it again in his vampire suitcase. He pondered for a while. What could he do with it?

Clovis finally decided to give the fairy door to Wolfy, who would certainly be more sociable and invite the fairies for a cuppa. Unfortunately, Wolfy did not have a garden. Fairy doors are usually more effective in gardens. This little hiccup didn’t stop Wolfy. He used a flower pot instead.

Did Wolfy see any fairies? We do not think so. He waited all day and no fairies came out. In the morning, though, the magic key was gone and someone had drunk the tea he had left at the fairy door.