Wolfy’s Full Moon Thoughts – Wolf Moon

This month’s Full Moon rose on the 15th and came rather pocket-sized. Yes, January’s Full Moon was a Minimoon, as opposed to a Supermoon. You get a Supermoon when the Moon is closest to the Earth; like-wise, the Moon looks smaller (a Minimoon) when it is furthest from our planet. No matter, big or small it is always beautiful, exquisite and, above all, “howlable” and “howl-a-licious”! I enjoyed it very much, as usual.

Also, did you know that January’s Full Moon is known as “Old Moon” and “Wolf Moon”? Now, that’s a name I like! Pretty flattering, is it not? Native Americans called the first full moon of the year Wolf Moon because they thought that wolves howled louder at it, apparently. I do not know, I always howl pretty loud!

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