Merry Christmas!

Clovis and Wolfy wish you a very merry Christmas. We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful 2019. To those who are spending the festivities alone, we send a massive hug and lots of wolf kisses. We luvs you all. This is Wolfy’s Christmas message. Just like the Queen, he has his little speech each year. Now, just like the Queen, we are now having a nice cuppa.

Lots of love from us. XXX


28 days until Halloween!

To be or not to be? That is the question. Just 28 days until Halloween.

A day closer to our goal, full-on Halloween trick-or-treating bliss. We are literally counting the days, as you can see. And whilst we wait, we take a nice cuppa.

Behold a picture of us having English tea at Sherlock’s, in Whitby North Yorkshire. And the countdown continues…


The Halloween Countdown starts now!

And so it begins…

The lovely smells of autumn, the falling leaves, the cool weather, the ghost stories by the fire, the pumpkins, the toffee apples, the cool books, the hot chocolate and the tea! Always the tea! Warm tea at its most glorious moment! And cakes, biscuits, cheese and crackers. Halloween, trick-or-treating and howls by the full moon.

October is our favourite month of the year, and we are delighted to announce our Halloween Countdown.

By the way, today, October 1st, is Black Dog Day as well. Please note that black dogs are usually the ones who get picked last at rescue centres. They too need some luvin’ so, if you’re thinking of adopting, give black dogs a chance this Halloween… and always.

Anyway, here is to our Halloween Countdown! Let us sip a lovely cuppa to celebrate this moment we have been looking forward to the whole year. So…

It’s 30 days to Halloween!Halloween

Whitby Goth Weekend write-up (April 2018)

Last April, we were invited to Whitby Goth Weekend and got passes as a gift from the founder of the event herself, Jo Hampshire. We are ever so grateful as we were treated like goth royalty and got to experience a fantastic festival in one of the most beautiful seaside towns in England. Whitby Goth Weekend has been the life and soul of the town for over 20 years. The town becomes a bit like The Nightmare Before Christmas when goths are out and about and of course, we love that.

First of all, we stuffed our bellies with fish and chips, tea and cake and went to meet up with our great goth friends. Later on, we picked up our tickets, freshened up and attended a jaw-dropping performance from the Circus of Horrors at the Spa Theatre. It was proper old-world flair. We got the best seats upstairs and enjoyed the humour, acrobatics and aerial performances. That night we got professionally photographed by Bob Slassor, the official event photographer. We felt like supermodels! Only we are a bit too small, and have fangs, and Wolfy is a bit too furry for the catwalk… and he is a wolf.

On Saturday morning, we went to the goth market, which is called The Bizarre Bazaar. We met the fantastic artist Dark Wolf, who paints wolves and donates all his earnings to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. Whitby Goth Weekend has always supported animal charities that have helped hundreds of cats, dogs and bats over the years. The April edition was for wolves, and Wolfy was naturally chuffed. We will tell you more about this wonderful artist in our next post and will show you exclusive photos.

Later in the evening, we enjoyed what goths love the most: goth music! Our favourite bands were 1919 and The Last Cry but we also enjoyed Voltaire and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. By the way, we used our backstage passes and got to meet 1919 in person, and they graciously accepted to appear in one of our videos.

In the following mini vids, you can see us enjoying the gigs. Wolfy is rocking to the rhythm of 1919’s “Cry Wolf” and Clovis is dancing to The Last Cry.

Last but not least, we danced at Restoration, the best goth night in Whitby, hosted by Martin Oldgoth, the best goth DJ in the world. He spared a few moments to pose with Wolfy.

And here we are, with our VIP WGW passes that gave us a magical holiday. Thanks to Jo, Bob, Andrew and the WGW team for a smashing experience.

Bites and howls,

Clovis and Wolfy