7 days until Halloween!

Only a week from now and we’ll be trick or treating and dancing to the Monstermash! It is so close now!

9 days until Halloween!

Clovis feels like biting his fingernails but he decided to bite a cupcake instead and go for a moody and mysterious photo. We have ordered some baked goods for the big day. Mega excited now!

10 days until Halloween!

it’s 10 days until Halloween and the howling is strong here. Howl! Howls of joy.

11 days until Halloween!

Clovis has been trying to reason with Mr Gargoyle. He seems to be overexcited! And why wouldn’t he? It’s only 11 days until Halloween!

12 days until Halloween!

Bring it on! That is all. We’re raring to go!

13 days until Halloween!

Something is brewing at Clovis and Wolfy’s headquarters, and it is not only the tea. We had a lovely phone call with wonderful news for us but it shall all be revealed in due time. Now, mischief is afoot. Halloween is drawing near. Oh, the excitement!

14 days until Halloween!

How to drink pumpkin spice latte properly. Step 1: Be a black cat. We discovered this wonderful illustration by Ryan Conners on Instagram this morning. It has all the Halloween vibez going.

Ryan is a very talented artist and photographer based in Pennsylvania, she is self-taught and loves cats. We have thoroughly enjoyed her Halloween and Day of the Dead art. Visit her Kilkenny Cat blog and prepare to be amazed!

15 days until Halloween!

Only a couple of weeks now! We hope the tea will be ghoulishly good. As a blast from the past, we have a video of Clovis having Halloween tea at La Rosa Hotel in Whitby last year.