Clovis and Wolfy’s Book Corner: The Flying Bedroom

Book title: The Flying Bedroom
Author: Heather Dyer.
Illustrator: Chloe Douglass
Age group: 5-7 years old
Teafriendliness: 10 out of 10. It is also great if you prefer hot chocolate.

Clovis: We are proud to present Clovis and Wolfy’s Book Corner. We’ll discuss our favourite books over a cuppa or twenty. Our first book is the marvellous The Flying Bedroom, by Heather Dyer. Heather is an award-winning author. Her book, The Girl with the Broken Wing, was one of Richard and Judy’s ‘best children’s books ever’…

Wolfy: Oi! I should be presenting this book. I got to meet Heather in person a couple of months ago, she is so lovely and wonderful. And I got us an autograph!

Clovis: Well, I was there, too, you know.

Wolfy: Yeah, but you were too shy. You missed a great moment, mate. Pass me the kettle.

Clovis: I loved this book too much, I blushed. And I am a vampire! I don’t blush!

Wolfy: Luckily, I recorded a video. You can see how wonderful she is. It was one of the best moments of my life. A howling success.

Clovis: I must say, Wolfy, that was a splendid video. Simply splendid. Well, boys and girls; and girls and boys, this is The Flying Bedroom, by Heather Dyer. A very sweet collection of stories about a little girl called Elinor and her magic bedroom. Every time she falls asleep, her bedroom flies and takes her to wonderful places.

Wolfy: I loved all six stories, Clovis. When Elinor meets the snowman, I nearly melted. It was such a heart-warming tale. I have never met a talking snowman!

Clovis: Personally, my favourite one was the pirate story. It was deliciously funny.

Wolfy: I thought the theatre story was even funnier. I mean, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a play, and she doesn’t even know her lines. She manages to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves, though.

Clovis: Actually, every single page is brilliant. I think The Flying Bedroom makes perfect bedtime story material.

Wolfy: Oh, yeah. I will tell my mummy to read it to me tonight. More tea?

Clovis: Yes, please.

Wolfy: You know, Clovis? I’d love to have a flying bedroom. Just imagine. The number of places I could go to! And all the different teas I could drink!

Clovis: It would also save you thousands of pounds on air travel.

Wolfy: Yes. Oh, I so want a flying bedroom!

Clovis: Well, my friend. You’ve got your imagination, and you can read The Flying Bedroom as many times as you want.

Wolfy: Aye.

Clovis: And, she signed the book for us.

Wolfy: Of course she did, she is ace.


Clovis: If you liked the book, you’d love to know the Welsh theatre and dance company Little Light has adapted the book into a dazzling performance. There will be a few more shows later this year.

Wolfy: Really? When and where?

Clovis: Well, on the 3rd November they will perform at the Pontio Arts Centre in Bangor, and they’ll be at Theatre Clwyd by the end of October. They will announce the dates on their website,, so let’s keep our eyes peeled.

Wolfy: Fantastic! Are we travelling there by flying bedroom?

Clovis: I’m afraid we’ll have to take public transport, my friend. In the meantime, take a look at the following video. More tea, please…

Wolfy: Sure. Hey, Clovis.

Clovis: Yes?

Wolfy: It would be nice to have tea with Richard and Judy.

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