Fancy cake at Mademoiselle’s, Whitby

Simply magnifique!

Located on Skinner Street, Mademoiselle’s is a fairly new restaurant in Whitby, and we were very excited to try it. It just looks so cosy and inviting that it is impossible to resist. We certainly made a great decision, and had a fabulous time.

Mademoiselle’s oozes personality and has a very special French twist. It feels a bit like travelling to 19th century Paris. We just loved the decor, the chandeliers, the antiques, the little details that make it a lovely place. It is very chic, we felt so stylish and cosmopolitan! Clovis gave Mademoiselle’s his elegance seal of approval, although, being a vampire, he didn’t enjoy the mirrors that much…

Mademoiselle’s is well-known for its quality French dishes but it is also top notch for afternoon tea. We had scrumptious cheesecake with delicate flowers and red forest fruits. It looked amazing and it tasted even better. We also ordered Earl Grey tea, and we had gallons of it. Everything was just perfect. By the way, Mademoiselle’s offers excellent vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free choices, so regardless of your dietary requirements, you will always find delicious food to enjoy with friends and family.

Speaking of family, we met a little girl called Ruby and her fantastic family. They were lovely and kind enough to record a video with Wolfy.

Last but not least, we had live music, which was a sweet touch.

We will definitely be visiting again. We loved Mademoiselle’s so much. Many thanks to the Mademoiselle’s team for making us feel so welcome and massive thanks to Ruby and her family for their kind permission.

Bites and howls,

Clovis and Wolfy

One thought on “Fancy cake at Mademoiselle’s, Whitby”

  1. A lovely blog. I must confess I got more than a little excited when I saw the tea without milk. I thought all my hard work had finally paid off, but sadly not. Looks to be a beautiful place. I must pay it a visit.

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