Dark Wolf: an untamed artist

We met Dark at Whitby Goth Weekend’s Bizarre Bazaar last April. He was a most splendid chap who graciously agreed to have a nice chat with us even though his stall got really busy. We talked about his fantastic work and his love for wolves. Wolfy was chuffed to meet a human with a very lupine perspective.

Dark Wolf is incredibly talented but also very approachable, down-to-earth and generous. Every single penny he makes from selling his artwork goes to charity, in order to help our wolf brothers and sisters. The UK Wolf Conservation Trust had been Dark’s charity of choice from the start, and last year they received £500 from him. Unfortunately, they will be closing to the public this August. Still, Dark’s generosity has no bounds. He will keep giving his earnings to other wolf and wildlife charities.

Dark’s spirit animal is most definitely the wolf. He has the wolf’s energy and vision, which is why he and Wolfy had this wonderful connection. He even wore a wolf mask in this picture. Wolfy is now a fan!

Dark Wolf 2

We got these wicked illustrations of wolves. The one on the left is called “Emberwolf II”, and the one on the right, “Strength, Past & Future.”

Do take a look at his work, you won’t regret it. Follow Dark on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkwolfartwork

Twitter: @darkwolfartwork.

Or visit his website: http://www.darkwolfartwork.com

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