Clovis and Wolfy’s Book Corner: The Flying Bedroom

Book title: The Flying Bedroom
Author: Heather Dyer.
Illustrator: Chloe Douglass
Age group: 5-7 years old
Teafriendliness: 10 out of 10. It is also great if you prefer hot chocolate.

Clovis: We are proud to present Clovis and Wolfy’s Book Corner. We’ll discuss our favourite books over a cuppa or twenty. Our first book is the marvellous The Flying Bedroom, by Heather Dyer. Heather is an award-winning author. Her book, The Girl with the Broken Wing, was one of Richard and Judy’s ‘best children’s books ever’…

Wolfy: Oi! I should be presenting this book. I got to meet Heather in person a couple of months ago, she is so lovely and wonderful. And I got us an autograph!

Clovis: Well, I was there, too, you know.

Wolfy: Yeah, but you were too shy. You missed a great moment, mate. Pass me the kettle.

Clovis: I loved this book too much, I blushed. And I am a vampire! I don’t blush!

Wolfy: Luckily, I recorded a video. You can see how wonderful she is. It was one of the best moments of my life. A howling success.

Clovis: I must say, Wolfy, that was a splendid video. Simply splendid. Well, boys and girls; and girls and boys, this is The Flying Bedroom, by Heather Dyer. A very sweet collection of stories about a little girl called Elinor and her magic bedroom. Every time she falls asleep, her bedroom flies and takes her to wonderful places.

Wolfy: I loved all six stories, Clovis. When Elinor meets the snowman, I nearly melted. It was such a heart-warming tale. I have never met a talking snowman!

Clovis: Personally, my favourite one was the pirate story. It was deliciously funny.

Wolfy: I thought the theatre story was even funnier. I mean, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a play, and she doesn’t even know her lines. She manages to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves, though.

Clovis: Actually, every single page is brilliant. I think The Flying Bedroom makes perfect bedtime story material.

Wolfy: Oh, yeah. I will tell my mummy to read it to me tonight. More tea?

Clovis: Yes, please.

Wolfy: You know, Clovis? I’d love to have a flying bedroom. Just imagine. The number of places I could go to! And all the different teas I could drink!

Clovis: It would also save you thousands of pounds on air travel.

Wolfy: Yes. Oh, I so want a flying bedroom!

Clovis: Well, my friend. You’ve got your imagination, and you can read The Flying Bedroom as many times as you want.

Wolfy: Aye.

Clovis: And, she signed the book for us.

Wolfy: Of course she did, she is ace.


Clovis: If you liked the book, you’d love to know the Welsh theatre and dance company Little Light has adapted the book into a dazzling performance. There will be a few more shows later this year.

Wolfy: Really? When and where?

Clovis: Well, on the 3rd November they will perform at the Pontio Arts Centre in Bangor, and they’ll be at Theatre Clwyd by the end of October. They will announce the dates on their website,, so let’s keep our eyes peeled.

Wolfy: Fantastic! Are we travelling there by flying bedroom?

Clovis: I’m afraid we’ll have to take public transport, my friend. In the meantime, take a look at the following video. More tea, please…

Wolfy: Sure. Hey, Clovis.

Clovis: Yes?

Wolfy: It would be nice to have tea with Richard and Judy.

Fancy cake at Mademoiselle’s, Whitby

Simply magnifique!

Located on Skinner Street, Mademoiselle’s is a fairly new restaurant in Whitby, and we were very excited to try it. It just looks so cosy and inviting that it is impossible to resist. We certainly made a great decision, and had a fabulous time.

Mademoiselle’s oozes personality and has a very special French twist. It feels a bit like travelling to 19th century Paris. We just loved the decor, the chandeliers, the antiques, the little details that make it a lovely place. It is very chic, we felt so stylish and cosmopolitan! Clovis gave Mademoiselle’s his elegance seal of approval, although, being a vampire, he didn’t enjoy the mirrors that much…

Mademoiselle’s is well-known for its quality French dishes but it is also top notch for afternoon tea. We had scrumptious cheesecake with delicate flowers and red forest fruits. It looked amazing and it tasted even better. We also ordered Earl Grey tea, and we had gallons of it. Everything was just perfect. By the way, Mademoiselle’s offers excellent vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free choices, so regardless of your dietary requirements, you will always find delicious food to enjoy with friends and family.

Speaking of family, we met a little girl called Ruby and her fantastic family. They were lovely and kind enough to record a video with Wolfy.

Last but not least, we had live music, which was a sweet touch.

We will definitely be visiting again. We loved Mademoiselle’s so much. Many thanks to the Mademoiselle’s team for making us feel so welcome and massive thanks to Ruby and her family for their kind permission.

Bites and howls,

Clovis and Wolfy

A ray of sunshine with built-in sunblock, Real Gothic FC’s dazzling victory

All we ever wanted… was everything

Well, it did not come home this time, but never fear. We are about to tell you a true football success story. Something that will completely obliterate the French victory over Croatia at the World Cup final today: that time when the uber fantastic Real Gothic beat Stokoemotiv at Whitby’s very own Turnbull Ground. Pelé would have been proud.

The April 2018 edition of Whitby Goth Weekend ended on a high note with a surprise victory for us all. True, Real Gothic have always managed to be the most stylish team. If the competition were about who has got the acest eyeliner skills or the best taste in music, Real Gothic would always come on top, no doubt. However, football-wise, they have been historically a little less lucky than the local team at the iconic match we all know as “El Gothico.”

As usual, we had a lovely atmosphere, plenty of drink (Wolfy and I had tea exclusively, of course), and our two favourite commentators: Al Fiendish and Wesley Mallin, who at some point during the second half, left the microphone and heroically joined our dark knights in the pitch.

Double Dare

Stokoemotiv scored the first goal within the first five minutes of the match. Real Gothic’s winger, Richard Dove, “Dove will tear you apart”, flew like the wind and had a couple of good shots but Rick Davies, Stokoemotiv’s goalie did a fine job, stopping our boys’ awesome goal attempts. Stokoemotiv’s Mike Thomas proved to be dangerous and energetic, what’s more. Near the end of the first half, there was a mighty shot at goal from Real Gothic’s Robbie White. Alas, it was not meant to be.

She’s in parties

At half time, the girls entered the pitch. Our Sisters of Real, lead by Louise Street and Donna “Jez” Valenzano had their traditional penalty shootout against the Stokoemotiv WAGs, who won 3 to 0. Both sides were fantastic, regardless. It was all for charity and good entertainment. If you would like to know what the bar looks like at half time, take a look at this video of Wolfy from a previous footie edition. A bit of a flashback to prepare you for April’s highlights.

In the flat field

The second half was a true game changer, pun intended. From the very first seconds, Real Gothic scored a goal. Our players increased their speed and might. Maybe the snakebite and black potion was finally working its magic. Speaking of magic potions, Mr. Fiendish, our star commentator was handed a pint of beer, which was passed from one member of the audience to the next, until it reached its rightful owner. Talk about team work! On and off the pitch!

Dark entries

Four minutes later, Stokoemotiv scored a goal but our boys got even a couple of minutes afterwards. The match was now packed with action and an impressive display from the forces of darkness and impeccable backcombed hair.

Real Gothic scored two more goals, on the seventeenth and thirty third minute respectively. Incidentally, the player who scored the last goal also scored the first one. We’re talking about the mysterious Robbie White, who wore the t-shirt number 28. Our friend, Bob Slassor, let us use this photographic sequence he took of the last Real Gothic goal. Thanks a lot, Bob. You’re a (goth) star!

And just as Al cried out: “We’re now winning 4 – 2!”, we all got extremely excited, which is a bit of a faux pas if you’re a goth, but this time round it shall be forgivable. Just look at Wolfy, who bumped into Lee and a gorgeous lady. Yes, goths can be happy, too. Just look at us!

Nevertheless, this wasn’t the end, even though Wolfy did not seem to notice and cried victory a bit too soon, just like the boy who cried wolf, or was it the other way around? There were a few minutes left and near the end, Stokoemotiv scored another goal. The final score was thus 4 – 3.

Both teams did splendidly and what’s more important, they raised money for charity. This time Real and Stokoemotiv offered £300 to WHISH (Whitby Hidden Impairments Support & Help), a charity that does a marvellous job, helping people with hidden impairments, as well as their families.

Hair of the Wolf

When the match came to its end, we all got to celebrate properly. It was the perfect ending to a week full of goth music, dance, dark elegance and drinkies. I got to talk to my friend Graham Best, who was just as shocked as I was. By the way, Graham and his wife, Sue, are the proud parents of Klaus Best, Real Gothic’s goalie extraordinaire.

All in all, it was another fantastic Whitby holiday. Obviously, Wolfy and I ran to the tea rooms to celebrate with copious amounts of tea and cakes. Many thanks to our Real FC team for their extraordinary performance: Klaus Best, AJ Sikesy, Gareth Wright, Trevor A. Broadbank, Ted Govostis, Terry Cummins, James Patrick, Rio Goldhammer, James Shoobridge, Carl Noble, Joel Heyes, Mark Chisman, Adam Williams, Timothy Payne, Mason Von, Richard Dove, Robbie White and Wesley Mallin.

Also, special thanks to Bob Slassor, Nigel Spowage and Richard Dove for helping us with this blog entry. An extra thanks to Shaggy, too for taking us to the match.

Bites and howls,

Clovis and Wolfy

P.S. If you have a few minutes to spare, visit the charities that Real Gothic FC and Stokoemotiv Whitby FC have supported recently.


Willow Foundation:

SOS Children’s Villages UK:

Dark Wolf: an untamed artist

We met Dark at Whitby Goth Weekend’s Bizarre Bazaar last April. He was a most splendid chap who graciously agreed to have a nice chat with us even though his stall got really busy. We talked about his fantastic work and his love for wolves. Wolfy was chuffed to meet a human with a very lupine perspective.

Dark Wolf is incredibly talented but also very approachable, down-to-earth and generous. Every single penny he makes from selling his artwork goes to charity, in order to help our wolf brothers and sisters. The UK Wolf Conservation Trust had been Dark’s charity of choice from the start, and last year they received £500 from him. Unfortunately, they will be closing to the public this August. Still, Dark’s generosity has no bounds. He will keep giving his earnings to other wolf and wildlife charities.

Dark’s spirit animal is most definitely the wolf. He has the wolf’s energy and vision, which is why he and Wolfy had this wonderful connection. He even wore a wolf mask in this picture. Wolfy is now a fan!

Dark Wolf 2

We got these wicked illustrations of wolves. The one on the left is called “Emberwolf II”, and the one on the right, “Strength, Past & Future.”

Do take a look at his work, you won’t regret it. Follow Dark on


Twitter: @darkwolfartwork.

Or visit his website:

Whitby Goth Weekend write-up (April 2018)

Last April, we were invited to Whitby Goth Weekend and got passes as a gift from the founder of the event herself, Jo Hampshire. We are ever so grateful as we were treated like goth royalty and got to experience a fantastic festival in one of the most beautiful seaside towns in England. Whitby Goth Weekend has been the life and soul of the town for over 20 years. The town becomes a bit like The Nightmare Before Christmas when goths are out and about and of course, we love that.

First of all, we stuffed our bellies with fish and chips, tea and cake and went to meet up with our great goth friends. Later on, we picked up our tickets, freshened up and attended a jaw-dropping performance from the Circus of Horrors at the Spa Theatre. It was proper old-world flair. We got the best seats upstairs and enjoyed the humour, acrobatics and aerial performances. That night we got professionally photographed by Bob Slassor, the official event photographer. We felt like supermodels! Only we are a bit too small, and have fangs, and Wolfy is a bit too furry for the catwalk… and he is a wolf.

On Saturday morning, we went to the goth market, which is called The Bizarre Bazaar. We met the fantastic artist Dark Wolf, who paints wolves and donates all his earnings to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. Whitby Goth Weekend has always supported animal charities that have helped hundreds of cats, dogs and bats over the years. The April edition was for wolves, and Wolfy was naturally chuffed. We will tell you more about this wonderful artist in our next post and will show you exclusive photos.

Later in the evening, we enjoyed what goths love the most: goth music! Our favourite bands were 1919 and The Last Cry but we also enjoyed Voltaire and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. By the way, we used our backstage passes and got to meet 1919 in person, and they graciously accepted to appear in one of our videos.

In the following mini vids, you can see us enjoying the gigs. Wolfy is rocking to the rhythm of 1919’s “Cry Wolf” and Clovis is dancing to The Last Cry.

Last but not least, we danced at Restoration, the best goth night in Whitby, hosted by Martin Oldgoth, the best goth DJ in the world. He spared a few moments to pose with Wolfy.

And here we are, with our VIP WGW passes that gave us a magical holiday. Thanks to Jo, Bob, Andrew and the WGW team for a smashing experience.

Bites and howls,

Clovis and Wolfy